What’s the difference between doing my own PR/marketing and getting Rooftop to do it?
FAQsAt Rooftop PR, we understand there are many people out there with a flair for promoting their business, and we love that. However, when you’re busy concentrating on making sales, dealing with paperwork, staff and life in general, there isn’t always a chance to dedicate the time to promote with an impact. (see PR Clinic)
At Rooftop we can concentrate solely on the PR/marketing aspect for you and bring in our own expertise. Sometimes we all need a bit of help and having other people come in with a fresh approach and from a different angle can really bring some fantastic ideas and methods to the table.

Do you take on board what the client needs?

Absolutely. Without you and your plans, there wouldn’t be much we could do, despite the fact we like to think of ourselves as miracle workers. I know, we too have yet to meet anyone who can actually make miracles happen. But then again, why rely on miracles when you can plan and execute a fabulous PR/marketing strategy so nothing is left to chance.

Can you guarantee media coverage for my company?

As much as we would like to promise and send out hoards of guarantees to clients on coverage for their business, it would be highly unfair to do so.

What we can say is your company will get noticed, it’s just about which approach to take.

This is mainly because each company is different and therefore the pitches to the media will be different.

We will always advise on where best to promote your business and find good story hooks to get you into the press.

Some people think getting an article in the newspapers is the only way to boast their sales, while actually promoting directly to potential clients could give them more of an advantage.

Talk to us about what you’re all about and we can help you achieve the best coverage.

How much does it cost?

Every client who comes to us has a specific need for their company. Some need a more hands-on, constant PR and marketing approach, others need a more flexible, ad-hoc method.

Both aspects are exactly why we’re here, but of course this means the prices vary on what an individual needs and can afford.

Please call or email us with an outline of what you would like and we can give you a quote.

We will always try our best to find a way of helping you create the best promotional and PR plans for the budget you have.