Why PR/Marketing?

Back in the old days, PR and marketing was all about spinning a yarn and getting people to buy into things by whatever means possible. Thankfully, those days are over and it’s all about providing a quality service, both from a PR aspect and the company selling the product.

There’s a big difference between PR and marketing, whilst at the same time, they work very well hand‑in‑hand.


Public Relations and MarketingPR is all about planning, sussing out your audience, getting ahead of the game, and more importantly, your competitors.

In a very basic and general term, PR is where you work out what your objectives are, what direction you want to go in, what success looks like to you, who your audience is, how to reach them and in what way.

It’s also about your reputation and the impact your company has on the environment around you. It can be either a proactive measure or reactive.

PR works in very much the same way, and in conjunction with, your business plan. It helps you delve into the psyche of your company and develop strong new ideas. Either way, it’s a very important step to take and one that should be invested in with time, creativity and endeavour.


Marketing can be great fun, but get it wrong and it could cost you dearly. You need to know who your market are before you even think about how much money you are going to spend on reaching them.

Once you have your PR all planned out, who, what, where and when, marketing then helps you promote and brand your product and/or company.